Cold French Fires Leads To Assault In A Mcdonalds Outlet In Georgia

Anger is always bad and a lot of times it can result in violence. But anger and violence is something that is not associated with mcdonalds. It is probably the most popular and the largest burger chain in the world and thousands of people consume a happy meal every day. But in Garden City, Georgia a woman pulled out a gun and fired a shot on the ground in an McD outlet. The reason? The fries that she received were cold. And Participate in the McDvoice customer satisfaction survey at www.mcdvoice.com, share your feedback and suggestions.

Anger mismanagement

A woman named Lilian Shantel Tarver had ordered fries at the Garden City outpost and left after receiving her order. She later returned and began an argument with the staff members over the cold fries. When the manager and employees tried to calm her and reason with her, she began a fierce argument. The receptionist told the media and the police that Tarver took her drink and threw it at the manager and the employee worsening the situation. As she began to move towards the counter the employee tried to stop her and an argument over old french fries turned into a brawl. Tarver then, allegedly, returned to her car bringing an actual gun with her. She fired the loaded gun on the floor and was ready to shoot the employees, as confirmed by other customers, employees and the police. The restaurant gave her a full refund and the woman left the place in her car.

A Fast-paced chase

The manager of mcdonalds outlet informed the police and they acted quickly. Tarver was seen rushing away from the scene at a high speed and after nearly chasing her for 15 minutes the police caught her eventually and arrested the accused over charges of gun violence. The 27-year-old Lilian was booked at the nearby county jail and was indicted without bail.

The Charges

Lilian Tarver was arrested on the grounds of gun violence and later charged for dangerous driving, armed robbery, and assault. For running away from the outpost, she was also charged with running away from a crime scene. Fortunately for everyone involved, there were no injuries or loss of property. Anger is always bad but an aggravated assault and gun violence over cold french fries is something else. Thankfully, no one was harmed at the mcdonalds outlet which would have made the case against Lilian worse and landed her in serious trouble. She is still in prison and is not allowed bail.


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